Brain Based Retail Adviser

Minette Pestana started her studies at CPUT and completed her Diploma in National Retail Business Management in 1997.  Thereafter she started her career at Ackermans as a Trainee Store Manager and elevated to Area Manager in 2005.  She left the company in 2011 and became a Retail Consultant which she stopped when she realised that her boy age 5 is ADHD.  She knew nothing about ADHD.  Her attention was needed at home.  She started her journey discovering their is little help or understanding and definitely no room for anyone out of the norm. Little was know about  the flawed school system and see needed a better alternative.

Her son was officially diagnosed with ADHD. None of the schools were informed or empowered to deal with children that don’t fit the profile.  Everyone’s advised was to give medication. It was at this exact point after many failed attempts to get the right medication, that Minette came in contact with the concept of brain based development techniques.  She realised that having a challenged child, part of the solution is to understand your child’s learning environment, profile and how the world in general can effect the effectiveness as a balanced human being.

She took hands with mothers in the same position and  WATAS (What If?) was started. She is now apply her skills to empowering mothers, families and startups.

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