Genetic Brain Profiling Introduction


What is Brain-Based Learning?
“Brain-Based Education is the purposeful engagement of strategies based on principles derived from solid scientific research.”

Research in related fields such as social neuroscience, psychoimmunology, behavioral genetics, psychobiology, cognitive science, neuroscience and physiology also play a role.

Brain-Based Learning is the application of a meaningful group of principles that represent our understanding of how our brain works in the context of education. Brain-Based Learning is the engagement of strategies based on body/mind/brain research.

Brain-Based Learning is not a magic bullet to solve all of education’s problems. Anyone who represents that to others is misleading them. There is not yet a “one size fits all” brain-based program, model or package for schools to follow.


You need to consider preferred way of dealing with the world and act accordingl

If you start to learn about brain profiling it will be like putting on a new pair of spectacles, you will suddenly start seeing things about people and situations that you were never aware of. You will also start to feel like you understand people better, that they are not being difficult or disinterested in something you’re explaining to them, it’s just their way of being and, when you start to see the pattern, you will deal with the situation and person a whole lot better than before. People will also, in return, experience you as much easier to deal with and so, the benefits in terms of relationships at home and at work, are enormous!


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