School Problems

One of the basic premises of modern education has been the idea that one institution, such as a school, is responsible for preparing individuals for transfer over to another institution, such as a factory or company. The link between education, learning, and employment is seen as primary and intrinsic. However, this only works if there is alignment between what education provides and what society and the economy needs. And there is the issue. Almost every education think tank has focused on 21st century skills, and they all have said the same thing: schools and colleges are not providing citizens with the skills they need to thrive in today’s world, but tomorrow’s schools will solve this by instilling 21st century skills [link]. This has become a cliché. So much so that all the various “new and better schools” are primed to fail on delivering their promises. Because the problem is not with the failing schools. Schooling itself is the problem.

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Be their force

Well, I think it is time to bring issues to the table on behalf of the next generation we are about to push into a world they will have to take ownership off. Because if we do not, they will be left to their own vices and we will end up with a world populated by entitled brats, with no accountability and cultureless, confused genders filled with blame and righteousness. 

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