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The human brain is composed of two hemispheres, the left and right, which function like two networked computers. Weak integration between the two sides of the brain can lead to a vicious cycle. A person who has a learning problem may suppress one eye (corresponding to one side of their brain). This may be a symptom of a lack of good hemispherical integration skills.


Today, neuromarketing is getting increased attention from companies who want to understand the science behind how people make decisions. The added value of brain based tools. Most of our decisions are based on emotions. So knowing how to tap into your customers' emotions is essential to creating a successful brand that connects with your target audience at a fundamental level. If people feel a positive emotional connection with your brand they are more likely to engage, share and convert. 




Human beings are learning machines. We spend our lives learning. We can’t help but learn. The only question is what we will learn and how it will affect our lives. Unfortunately we have been conditioned by the school system to think that learning can only take place in a classroom. We need to take charge of our own learning. Here are four steps.