Be their force

The past few weeks we had to deal with an internal matter regarding one of our children.  She has been suspended from school, awaiting a hearing. Never did I have to give much thought to the mandate of our schools. To what length or how far can parents trust them partaking in raising their children.

So as per usual life has this way of bringing issues to the table that we will never entertain unless it comes to the point that the wellbeing of your child and their future hangs in the balance.

The issue we had to deal with was within the lines of privacy. When does a one-on-one communication about any and or sensitive information becomes social conduct or social misconduct.  I think if I had to ask any parent if they understand the privacy guidelines of Facebook and Instagram, they will clearly expose their ignorance. Most parents do not have the slightest idea of what each platform prohibits, and at what point your kid can be hold accountable.

Well, I think it is time to bring issues to the table on behalf of the next generation we are about to push into a world, that thy soon will have to take ownership off.  If we don’t they will be left to their own vices and we will end up with a world populated by entitled brats, with no accountability and cultureless, confused genders filled with blame and righteousness.

Let me categorically state the following just to confirm my own limitations.  Nature cannot be argued it has to be understood. The way I see nature/science it that it is our blueprint, a reference point to understand life in general. As humans we like to bring emotions into everything and to convince everyone to defy science.  The same goes for science. Scientists like to bring science into everything and convince everyone to defy things they do not have a mathematical equation for, or that which they do not understand.

Personally, when I struggle with how far I can go raising my children, I usually start with nature.  Parents often like to use this example.  “I do not tell my kids what they should think, feel or who they should become”. That is strange. A lioness surely has a very stern way to teach her cub how to hunt, when to hunt when to lead and when to be submissive.  Well, the same goes for my parenting style.  My reasoning is not that strange. I like what I have become, I have put a lot of thought into it, especially the part I strive to be as well as the part I hope to avoid becoming. Given the latter I happily lead my children, by thought, with boundaries in ways that will empower them with the hope that when the time is ready and they can understand the world better, they will proceed to make their decisions as they see fit.  Not a moment before.

Why are parents so scared to parent their children?  My conclusion, they are not able to lead by example and therefore will rather let the collective voice of society, which by the way, is seriously confused, fill the gap.

Life is simple.  I think it becomes complicated when parents lack emotional intelligence and more so do not understand that in the end each of us will get the kid we deserve. Without time, attention, and guidance your child, my child, your dog, your house, your business whatever you value, will deteriorate.  I find it strange how people can argue they do not have time to educate and raise their own children (since parents gladly likes to outsource that part) but when it comes to their business they validate their time, involvement, training etc., because of the value they have for it.

I have a lot more to say about raising your kids and exactly what powers the school system, teacher and education and the world in general must have or must be limited from, however, for now I will leave you with one more thought.

One day your child will be a roll player in this world. Will that be a constructive force or sadly a destructive unbalanced entitled human being without consequence?

Happy parenting. It is indeed not for the faint hearted and as a parent we give our kids the best and against our will the worse.

Love from one happy mom that made the worst mistakes; and one that will never surrender to the conformities of this world.  Let your voice be their voice, louder that all the confused little children that wish they had someone standing in the gap for them when the world wanted to silence them.

Be their force.



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