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Be their force

Well, I think it is time to bring issues to the table on behalf of the next generation we are about to push into a world they will have to take ownership off. Because if we do not, they will be left to their own vices and we will end up with a world populated by entitled brats, with no accountability and cultureless, confused genders filled with blame and righteousness. 

The Effects of Trauma and Chronic Stress

Negative early experiences can also profoundly affect the development of the brain. Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect are pervasive social problems. Each year in the United States there are more than a million substantiated cases – and many more than that probably never come to light. Maltreatment increases a child’s risk of developing depression, self-destructive behavior, eating disorders, attention deficit disorders, drug and alcohol problems, sexual […]

How Nurture Becomes Nature

At the Developmental Traumatology Laboratory at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinics in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, researchers are conducting studies in traumatized children using the most up-to-date methods to study their stress circuits and brain development. In a recent report, they described their findings on maltreated children with PTSD who they compared to healthy, normal children and to children with clinical anxiety disorders who had not been maltreated. […]

Little things to foster healthy emotional development in early stages

Often parents don’t know about the many little things they can do to foster their children’s healthy cognitive and emotional development, like talking to the children beginning in infancy, reading to them from a very early age, and helping them play simple games. Parents, especially new or young parents, may also need help learning to recognize their children’s cues that they are hungry for stimulation or […]

Emotional Development and the Infant Brain

The first emotions that can be recognised in babies include joy, anger, sadness and fear. Later, as children begin to develop a sense of self, more complex emotions like shyness, surprise, elation, embarrassment, shame, guilt, pride and empathy emerge As they grow, children develop the ability to recognise feelings. One of the most fundamental tasks an infant undertakes is determining whether and how he can get […]

Wie wil ek wees en word?

Jy is ‘n kreatiewe slim brein, leier met topverkope-eienskappe, ‘n vorentoe denker, strateeg en meeste van alles ‘n top bemarker. Kortom, jy is die beste maar jy wil wil net nie vlieg nie, of ten minste so hoog so jy weet jy kan nie, ten spyte van jou talente voel dit deurgaans of jy nie deur die versperrings kom nie.     “‘ ‘n Doel is nie altyd […]

My tienerkind, ek weet nie meer hoe nie!

Die lewe is op ‘n goeie dag nie ‘n maklike reis nie, die tienerfase heel verstaanbaar dalk die moeilikste tyd. As ouers tref dit ons gewoonlik wanneer die skrif aan die muur is en ons raadop is.  Jy bes moontlik voel jy is een groot “failure”. Jy het alles in jou vermoe gedoen om jou tiener te bemagtig en steeds voel dit asof daar deesdae ‘n […]

School Problems

One of the basic premises of modern education has been the idea that one institution, such as a school, is responsible for preparing individuals for transfer over to another institution, such as a factory or company. The link between education, learning, and employment is seen as primary and intrinsic. However, this only works if there is alignment between what education provides and what society and the […]